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VALOX™ Plastic Materials Supplied by multiple manufacturers

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VALOX™ grades listed by most visited data sheets (updated weekly)

Product Classification Availability Features Uses
VALOX™ 420SE0 resin PBT North America Connectors; Switches
VALOX™ 357 resin PC+PBT North America Impact Modified Bobbins; Housings; Switches
VALOX™ 420 resin PBT North America Good Dimensional Stability; Good Stiffness; Good S... Appliance Components; Connectors; Handles
VALOX™ 325 resin PBT North America General Purpose; Good Processability General Purpose; Handles; Pump Parts; Writing Instruments
VALOX™ 310SE0 resin PBT North America Flame Retardant Appliance Components; Bobbins; Electrical/Electron...
VALOX™ V3900WX resin PC+PBT Asia Pacific Flame Retardant Outdoor Applications
VALOX™ 357U resin PC+PBT North America Good UV Resistance; Impact Modified Bobbins; Housings; Switches
VALOX™ 364 resin PBT North America Outdoor Applications; Telecommunications
VALOX™ 357X resin PC+PBT Europe Flame Retardant; Impact Modified Bobbins; Housings; Switches
VALOX™ 553 resin PC+PBT North America Low Warpage Appliance Components; Handles; Housings; Pump Parts
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