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TITANLENE® Plastic Materials Supplied by Lotte Chemical Titan (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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TITANLENE® grades listed by most visited data sheets (updated weekly)

Product Classification Availability Features Uses
TITANLENE® LDF 260GG LDPE Asia Pacific Antiblocking; Good Drawdown; Good Processability; ... Film; Packaging
TITANLENE® LDF 265YZ LDPE Asia Pacific Good Processability; Low Density Construction Applications; Film; Heavy-duty Bags; ...
TITANLENE® LDF 200GG LDPE Asia Pacific Antiblocking; Low Density; Medium Slip; Opticals Bags; Film; Packaging; Shrink Wrap
TITANLENE® LDF 200YZ LDPE Asia Pacific Low Density; Opticals Bags; Film; Packaging; Shrink Wrap
TITANLENE® LDF 800GG LDPE Asia Pacific Antiblocking; Foamable; Heat Stabilized; Medium Slip Agricultural Applications; Bags; Film; Foam; Indus...
TITANLENE® LDF 266YZ LDPE Asia Pacific Good Processability; Heat Stabilized; Low Density Film; Heavy-duty Bags; Microfoamed Sheet; Shrink Wrap
TITANLENE® LDC 801YY LDPE Asia Pacific Good Adhesion; Good Drawdown; Good Heat Seal; Low Density Coating Applications
TITANLENE® LDI 300YY LDPE Asia Pacific Good Toughness; High Gloss; High Stiffness; Low Density Closures; Cosmetics; Food Containers
TITANLENE® LE3003 LDPE Asia Pacific Foamable; General Purpose; Good Processability; He... Foam; General Purpose
TITANLENE® LDF 250YZ LDPE Asia Pacific Good Stiffness; Low Density Bags; Film; Packaging; Shrink Wrap
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