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Royalite Plastic Materials Supplied by Spartech Plastics

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Royalite grades listed by most visited data sheets (updated weekly)

Product Classification Availability Features Uses
Royalite R87/59 PMMA+PVC North America Good Weather Resistance
Royalite R59 ABS+PVC North America Bondability; Ductile; Flame Retardant; Good Adhesi... Automotive Applications; Computer Components
Royalite R540M ABS+PVC North America Flame Retardant; Good Chemical Resistance; Good Mo... Closures; Consumer Applications; Electrical/Electr...
Royalite DKE 400 PMMA+PVC North America Flame Retardant
Royalite R24 ABS North America Bondability; Durable; Flame Retardant; Good Adhesi... Business Equipment; Electrical/Electronic Applicat...
Royalite R570 ABS North America Cleanable; Durable; Flame Retardant; Good Colorabi... Electrical/Electronic Applications; Housings; Medi...
Royalite R52 PMMA+PVC North America Bondability; Flame Retardant; Good Abrasion Resist... Electrical/Electronic Applications; Industrial App...
Royalite R26 ABS North America Bondability; Good Adhesion; High Hardness; High He... Automotive Applications; Food Containers; Luggage;...
Royalite R60-LS PMMA+PVC North America Bondability; Flame Retardant; Good Abrasion Resist... Automotive Applications; Automotive Interior Parts...
Royalite R66 PMMA+PVC North America Bondability; Cleanable; Durable; Flame Retardant; ... Automotive Window Encapsulation; Seats; Support Trays
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