Adsyl 7641 XCP Datasheet

Polypropylene Terpolymer

Supplied by LyondellBasell Industries

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Product Description
Adsyl 7641 XCP is a polypropylene terpolymer containing slip and anti-blocking additives.
Adsyl 7641 XCP is typically used by customers for the production of BOPP and CAST film in co-extruded applications as a sealing layer.
The films produced with Adsyl 7641 XCP have been reported by customers to exhibit a low seal initiation temperature (SIT) and good optics.
Material Status 
  • Commercial: Active
  • Africa & Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Medium Antiblock
  • Medium Slip
  • Good Optical Properties
  • Heat Sealable
  • Low Temperature Heat Sealability
  • Medium Antiblocking
  • Medium Slip
  • Terpolymer
  • Bi-axially Oriented Film
  • Cast Film
  • Film
  • Food Packaging
  • Laminates
  • Packaging
  • Sealants
  • Shrink Wrap
Processing Method 
  • Bi-axially Oriented Film
  • Cast Film
  • Coextruded Film
  • Double-Bubble Film
Nominal Value
Test Method
Density (73°F)
ISO 1183/A
Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (230°C/2.16 kg)
g/10 min
ISO 1133
Nominal Value
Test Method
Seal Initiation Temperature
Internal Method
Nominal Value
Test Method
Heat Deflection Temperature (66 psi, Unannealed)
ISO 75-2/B
Vicat Softening Temperature
ISO 306/A50
Melting Temperature
Nominal Value
Test Method
Gloss (45°, 1,97 mil)
ASTM D2457
Haze (1,97 mil)
ASTM D1003
Related Terminology
This supplier and product may also be known by these terms: LyondellBasell Industries, Lyondell, Basell, Bassell, Basell Polyolefins, Bassel
Features may also be described by the following terms: Medium Slip, Low Temperature Heat Sealability, Low Temperature Heat Seal, Medium Antiblocking, Medium Antiblock, Opticals, Good Optical Properties.
Uses may also be described by the following terms: Cast Film, Food Packaging, Bi-axially Oriented Film, Biaxially Oriented Film, Shrink Wrap.
Available Documents
Technical Datasheet - lyondellbasell Adsyl 7641 XCP (English)
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