CALIMA CA 360 Datasheet

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Supplied by Selenis Portugal, S.A.

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Product Description
Selenis Calima CA 360 is a polymer that is uniquely suited for the production of CPET trays, a package that can be used in traditional as well as microwave ovens. This solution delivers the easy meal preparation advantages expected by your consumers and is suitable for either chilled or frozen products.

Make your products eye-catching from store to table, with the excellent optics of Selenis Calima CA 360, whilst delivering consistent barrier properties to extend shelf life. Trays produced with Selenis Calima CA 360 can be MAP or vacuum processed, as well as post-pasteurized.

CPET food convenience and service trays made with Selenis Calima CA 360 offer convenient properties for consumers, such as: temperature, shatter and fat resistance, preserving the contents of your package and granting consumers the expected taste experience.

Selenis Calima CA 360 is available with different viscosities ranging from 0.74 to 1.15.
Material Status 
  • Commercial: Active
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
Recycled Content 
  • Yes
  • Barrier Resin
  • Food Contact Acceptable
  • Good Optical Properties
  • Recyclable Material
  • Microwavable Trays
  • Trays
Agency Ratings 
Nominal Value
Test Method
Intrinsic Viscosity
ISO 1628-5
ASTM F2013
ASTM D1505
Particle Shape
Particle Size
mg/20 chips
Nominal Value
Test Method
Peak Melting Temperature
ASTM D3418
Nominal Value
Test Method
Color b
ASTM D6290
Color L
ASTM D6290
Features may also be described by the following terms: Opticals, Good Optical Properties.
Uses may also be described by the following terms: Microwavable Trays.
Agency Ratings
This plastic material has 2 certifications from the following agencies (the number in parentheses shows the number of certifications for that agency): EU (1), FDA (1).
Available Documents
Technical Datasheet (English)
Nominal Value
Drying Temperature
Drying Time
Suggested Max Moisture
Melt Temperature
1Typical properties: these are not to be construed as specifications.
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