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ALKAMIX™ MB6009 Datasheet

Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Supplied by Qenos Pty Ltd

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Product Description
ALKAMIX MB6009 is formulated with an antiblock additive at a concentration of 15 percent.

ALKAMIX MB6009 can be added to polythene during extrusion to reduce the blocking tendency of film, particularly where minimum blocking tendency is required. The level required may vary according to desired properties, however the recommended addition level is between 1 to 3 percent.

The maximum level of addition of ALKAMIX MB6009 based on both good manufacturing practice and to ensure conformance to the requirements to the United States Food and Drug Administration Regulations CFR21 is 6.5 percent, when added to a polyethylene formulation free of any antiblock additives.
Material Status 
  • Commercial: Active
  • Asia Pacific
  • Antiblock: 15%
  • Antiblocking
  • Blending
  • Pellets
Nominal Value
Test Method
ASTM D1505
Features may also be described by the following terms: Antiblocking, Unspecified Antiblock.
1Typical properties: these are not to be construed as specifications.
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