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Instrumented Dart Impact - ISO 7765-2

The energy required to puncture a material by impact with a falling dart under specified test conditions. This test measures the multiaxial impact behavior of a material and can be used as a measure of the rate sensitivity of a material. This test method is for thicknesses less than 1 mm. For thicknesses greater than 1 mm, ISO 6603-2 should be used.

Impactor Head

A 20 mm diameter (10 mm may also be used) hemispherical head dart is dropped from a height sufficient to produce a specified impact velocity. The dart is equipped with load and displacement transducers so that a load/displacement plot of the test can be produced. Energy is the area beneath the load/displacement plot. Energy reported is either energy to peak load or total energy. If the load/displacement plot shows a clear point of first failure, the failure energy is the area beneath the curve up to the failure point.

Energy Types

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