Acrylonitrile Ethylene Styrene (AES) Plastic

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Acrylonitrile Ethylene Styrene (AES) - Composed of acrylonitrile, ethylene and styrene, acrylonitrile ethylene styrenes (AES) are opaque, amorphous terpolymers. Though similar to acrylonitrile butane styrene (ABS), their weather and UV resistance make AES plastics excellent for outdoor applications, such as automotive exterior and interior parts, indoor and outdoor household goods and electrical components.

Other acrylonitrile ethylene styrene features include low friction, high impact resistance, high rigidity and flame retardancy.
Good Weather Resistance (26), High Heat Resistance (8), High Flow (6), High Impact Resistance (6), UV Resistant (5), High Rigidity (4), Medium Impact Resistance (4), Medium Heat Resistance (3), Good Impact Resistance (3), Flame Retardant (3), 8 More...
Automotive Applications (11), Outdoor Applications (4), Electrical/Electronic Applications (4), Industrial Applications (4), Consumer Applications (4), Automotive Exterior Parts (3), Sporting Goods (3), Building Materials (2), General Purpose (1), Thin-walled Parts (1), 5 More...
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