Acrylonitrile Styrene (AS) Plastic

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Acrylonitrile Styrene (AS) - With chains of alternating styrene and acrylonitrile, the copolymer plastic acrylonitrile styrene (AS) offers the transparency of polystyrene but with greater thermal resistance and improved resistance to solvents and stress cracking. Typically, styrene comprises 70 - 80% to the 20 - 30% of acrylonitrile; it’s this percentage of acrylonitrile that determines the plastic’s properties. While increased acrylonitrile content improves chemical resistance and mechanical properties, the clarity of the material is compromised with a yellow tint.

Owing to its good clarity and thermal resistance, acrylonitrile styrene is often used in housewares, as well as decorative parts and optical applications..
Good Weather Resistance (5), High Flow (5), UV Resistant (5), Flame Retardant (5), Ozone Resistant (4), Terpolymer (4), High Strength (4), Low Warpage (3), Good Dimensional Stability (3), Low Shrinkage (3), 17 More...
Electrical/Electronic Applications (5), Non-specific Food Applications (4), Decorative Parts (4), Construction Applications (4), Automotive Applications (4), Telecommunications (4), Appliances (4), Piping (4), General Purpose (3), Transparent or Translucent Parts (2), 19 More...
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