Phenolic つのプラスチック

Phenolic - General term used to describe a group of thermosetting resins created by reacting a phenol with an aldehyde, followed by curing and crosslinking. The most common is phenol-formaldehyde. Usually, phenolic is extended by combining it with a filler. Phenolics are usually compression molded and they have good strength and toughness, good arc resistance and other electrical properties, good resistance to solvents and high temperatures, and are bargain-priced.
Phenolic, discovered in 1907 by George Baekeland, is one of the oldest types of thermosetting resins. Phenolics are now considered the workhorse of the plastics industry.
寸法安定性 (108), 高耐熱性 (95), 電気特性良好 (61), 高強度 (58), 一般用途 (47), 良好耐熱性 (44), 高速硬化 (40), 成形性良好 (38), ハロゲンフリー (35), 難燃性 (34), 80 以上...
電気部品 (83), 電気/電子機器 (73), 自動車用途 (71), 一般用途 (39), 電気器具 (33), コーティング用途 (33), 家庭用 (27), 高温用途 (26), 絶縁 (21), ボンディング (18), 62 以上...
- Requires fillers for moldings
- Poor resistance to bases and oxidizers
- Volatiles released during cure (a condensation polymer)
- Limited to dark colors due to oxidation discoloration
Typical Properties and Processing Information
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