En Chuan Chemical Industries Co,. Ltd. (プロフィール & プラスチック) - UL Prospector

En Chuan Chemical Industries Co,. Ltd. - 製品名 - ジェネリックの記号
En Chuan Chemical industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1965, in the establishment initial stage, the product emulsion was mainly supplied to the shoe market. In 1969, produced rubber type glue for industrial use, the commodity "En Chuan Adhesive", is provided mainly to the shoes material agglutination. En Chuan glue has set-up its firm brand in the market, and has had a great contribution for the shoe market. Unfortunately, most of shoe factory has presently moved to China and Southeast Asia, that result to the market decreasin, and it also effect En Chuan has to close down and discontinue producing emulsion and Adhesive.
- ポリエステル, TS (20)
- SBS (11)
- PS (GPPS) (4)