Celanese SO.F.TER. (プロフィール & プラスチック) - UL Prospector

Celanese SO.F.TER. - 製品名 - ジェネリックの記号
SO.F.TER. was set up in 1980 and is now a leading international company for the production of polymeric compounds, with a wide set of products ranging from extremely smooth thermoplastic rubbers to more rigid and resistant plastics. The product range includes many tailor-made materials and solutions based on Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPV, SEBS, SBS, TPO) and Engineering Thermoplastics (PP, PA6, PA66, PBT, ABS, PC, HI-PS, SAN, PC/ABS, PPO). Polymeric materials manufactured by SO.F.TER. are basically used in all industrial sectors, in particular in the automotive, small and large household appliances, building, footwear and sports sectors.
- PPホモポリマー (86)
- TPV (69)
- SEBS (58)
- PP 共重合体 (40)
- SBS (29)
- ナイロン 6 (28)
- ナイロン 66 (26)
- TPC-ET (23)
- PBT (22)
- PP, 未指定 (20)
- 10 以上...