FuturaMat (プロフィール & プラスチック) - UL Prospector

Futuramat, founded in January 2005, moved the production and marketing of new raw materials for plastics processors. These products are of major interest as they are developed based on renewable plant materials therefore. The plant comes in place of petrochemical products conventionally used. Besides the economy of fossil carbon, these materials provide, for certain formulations, properties of partial or complete biodegradation defined according to the specifications required for a given application. Futuramat based on the platform of research and development Valagro who is behind the innovation.
- PolyFibra® (12)
- BioCeres® (10)
- BioFibra® (7)
- PolyCeres® (1)
- 生分解性ポリマー (18)
- PP, 未指定 (10)
- ABS (2)