Epic Resins (プロフィール & プラスチック) - UL Prospector

Epic Resins was founded in 1958. Over the past 50 years they have earned a proven international reputation as a leading formulator, manufacturer and service-oriented supplier of epoxy resin for electronics and polyurethane structural adhesives, potting compounds, LED encapsulants and coatings. Their operating philosophy is based on listening to their customers' epoxy resin requirements and developing value-oriented process solutions to meet their operating requirements. They focus on building long term partnerships to provide the proactive product development, technical service, supply consistency, sales service and total value to advantage their customers in their respective markets. Epic Resins makes potting epoxies, moisture cure adhesives, polyurethane potting compounds and every kind of epoxy resin imaginable for OEM manufacturers in every industry, from automobiles to paint brushes. Whatever your manufacturing application, Epic Resins is your best choice of custom epoxy formulators, and all epoxy resin supply.
- Epic Urethane (28)
- Epic Epoxy (17)
- PUR、未指定 (28)
- エポキシ (17)