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Founded in 1957, Adell Plastics has proudly earned recognition as a leader in both compounding technology and exceptional customer service. With production facilities in Baltimore MD, Petersburg, WV, and Denham Springs, LA their company has established an unparalleled ability to respond to every job with a rare combination of creativity, flexibility, speed, and absolute confidentiality. For almost fifty years Adell Plastics has meet the needs of diverse industries such as automotive, electronic, appliance, outdoor furniture and consumer items. Adell Plastics is one of America's largest and most successful independent compounders of thermoplastic resins and a company that brings decades of process experience and the latest in new technologies to each customer order. Adell Plastics offers a wide portfolio of proprietary products as well as an understanding of the latest technology grounded with decades of processing experience.
- Adell Polyamide (126)
- Adell PP (73)
- Adell PBT (8)
- Adell PC (7)
- Adell PE (5)
- Adell PET (4)
- Adell Polyolefin (4)
- Adell PS (4)
- Nylon 66 (71)
- Nylon 6 (52)
- PP Homopolymer (33)
- PP Copolymer (27)
- PP, Unspecified (13)
- PBT (8)
- PC (5)
- HDPE (5)
- Polyolefin, Unspecified (4)
- PET (4)
- 5 More...