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Gardner Gloss - ASTM D523

Gloss is a measure of how shiny, or reflective a material is at a specified angle based on refractive index.

An incandescent light source is directed at the test specimen at a specified incidence angle. A receptor is located at the mirror reflection of the incident beam. Polished black glass with a refractive index of 1.567 is used as a standard and is assigned a gloss of 100 at all geometries. Measurements are made using a glossmeter.

Gardner Gloss Measurement

Gloss Geometries
Angle Use Note
20° Good for comparing specimens having 60° gloss values higher than 70. Equivalent to ASTM D2457 at 20°.
60° Comparing specimens and determining when 20° gloss is more applicable. Equivalent to ASTM D2457 at 60°.
85° Good for comparing specimens for sheen. Most often used when specimens have 60° gloss values lower than 10. Commonly known as "Sheen".

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