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Shear Properties - ASTM D732

Shear Strength

The maximum load required to completely shear a specimen (such that the moving portion has cleared the stationary portion) divided by the sheared area.

Shear Modulus

The ratio of shear stress to shear strain.

Test specimens are either 50 mm diameter disks, or 50 mm squares with an 11 mm (7/16 in) hole drilled through the center. Specimen thickness should be between 0.127 and 12.7 mm (0.005 in and 0.5 in).

Shear Test Setup

The test specimen is placed in a clamp such that its upper and lower surfaces are supported. A punch type shear tool with a 25.4 mm (1 in) diameter is bolted to the specimen and a load is applied to the punch. The shear strength is calculated as the maximum force encountered during the test divided by the area of the sheared edge (circumference of the punched circle multiplied by the specimen thickness).

Test Concept