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Flexural Properties - ASTM D790

A test specimen is held as a simply supported beam and is subjected to three-point bending. The specimen is deflected until it either breaks or the outer fiber strain reaches 5%.

Two procedures are used for flexural testing.

Procedure Description Strain Rate
A For materials that break at relatively small deflections. 0.01 mm/mm/min
B For materials that undergo large deflections during testing. 0.10 mm/mm/min

Flexural Test Configuration

Location of Maximum Fiber Stress/Strain

Term Definition
Flexural Modulus The ratio of outer fiber stress to outer fiber strain.
Flexural Stress at Yield The outer fiber stress corresponding to test specimen yield.
Flexural Stress at Break The outer fiber stress corresponding to test specimen failure.
Flexural Strength The maximum outer fiber stress sustained by a specimen during testing.

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