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Needle Flame Test - IEC 60695-11-5

The needle flame test is used to simulate the effect of small flames that may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment.

A 12 mm high flame held at a 45° angle is applied to the base of a test specimen for a specified period of time. Tissue paper is laid out 200 mm beneath the test specimen (alternatively materials that would normally surround the test material in application may be laid out in place of tissue paper to measure the effect of the test material on surrounding materials).

Needle Flame Test

Needle Flame Test

The material passes the test if one of the following apply.

  1. The specimen does not ignite.
  2. Flames or burning/glowing particles falling from the specimen do not spread flames to the surrounding parts or to the tissue paper below the specimen and if there is no flame or glowing of the specimen at the end of flame application.
  3. Burning lasts less than 30 seconds.
  4. The extent of burning is below a specified amount.