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Glow Wire Ignition Temperature - IEC 60695-2-13

The glow wire test is used to simulate the effect of heat as may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment, such as with overloaded or glowing components. Test results provide a way of comparing the temperatures at which materials ignite.

The glow wire is heated via electrical resistance to a specified elevated temperature. A test specimen is held for 30 seconds against the tip of the glow wire with a force of 1 N. After the glow wire is removed, the time for the flames to extinguish is noted along with details of any burning drops. Material that surrounds the test material in application or a layer of tissue paper is placed beneath the specimen during the test to determine the effects of burning drops.

The Glow Wire Ignition Temperature is 25°C higher than the maximum temperature of the tip of the glow wire which does not cause ignition of the material during three subsequent tests. The maximum allowed flame development time is 5 seconds.