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Density - ISO 1183

The mass per unit volume of material.

Density Methods
Method Name Description
A Immersion Method Specimen is weighed both in and out of an immersion liquid. For plastics in a finished conditioin.
B Pyknometer Method A pyknometer is filled with immersion liquid and weighed. The specimen is weighed and then placed in the pyknometer. The pyknometer is again filled with immersion liquid and weighed.
C Titration Method Test specimen is placed in an immersion liquid of lower density. A more dense immersion fluid that is miscible with the lower density fluid is added using a burette. Testing stops when the specimen is neutrally buoyant in the solution.
D Density Gradient Column Method Specimen is placed in a density gradient column. The column contains liquid that increases in density from top to bottom. Density of the specimen is determined by the vertical location of the specimen in the column.

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