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Water Absorption - ISO 62

The percent increase in weight of a material after exposure to water under specified conditions. Water absorption can influence mechanical and electrical properties. Factors such as the type of material, additives, temperature, and length of exposure can affect the amount of water absorbed.

For testing, the specimens are dried and cooled. Three testing procedures are commonly employed. Only data from the same testing procedures are readily comparable.

Procedure Test Description
Water Absorption 24h/23C Test specimens are immersed in distilled water at room temperature for 24 hours.
Water Absorption Sat/23C Test specimens are immersed in distilled water at a room temperature until the water absorption essentially ceases.
Water Absorption 23C/50RH Test specimens are exposed to 50% RH room temperature air for 24 hours.

ISO 10350 Note

The ISO 10350 Humidity absorption is a saturation value tested at 23°C and 50% relative humidity, while the ISO 10350 Water absorption is saturation value tested in water at 23°C.

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