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Multi-Axial Instrumented Impact - ISO 6603-2

The energy required to puncture a material by impact with a falling dart under specified test conditions. This test can be used as a measure of the rate sensitivity of a material. For materials less than 1 mm thick, ISO 7765-2 should be used.

Striker Geometries Used

A hemispherical striker with either a 10 or 20 mm diameter is used. The striker is either dropped or forced mechanically such that its velocity is 4.4 m/s on impact. The striker is equipped with load and displacement transducers so that a load/displacement plot of the test can be produced. Energy is the area beneath the load/displacement plot. Energy reported is either energy to peak load or total energy.

Energy Types

ISO 10350 Note

ISO 10350 calculates its puncture energy at the point where the force has fallen to 50% of its maximum value. ISO 10350 requires a 20 mm striker diameter and test temperatures of 23°C or -30°C.

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