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Tensile Impact - ISO 8256

The amount of energy per unit area required to break a specimen under tensile impact. This test is used for materials that are either too flexible or too thin to be tested with ISO 179 (Charpy Impact) or ISO 180 (Izod Impact). Test specimens are subjected to a tensile impact loading by means of a pendulum. Testing is performed using one of two methods as outlined below.

Tensile Impact Testing Methods
Method Description
A Specimen and crosshead mounted on a stationary support frame. Pendulum strikes crosshead causing specimen failure.
B Specimen and crosshead mounted on pendulum. Crosshead strikes stationary anvil causing specimen failure.

Before Impact (Method A)

After Impact (Method A)

Tensile Impact Test Specimens
Specimen Type Diagram

ISO 10350 Note

ISO 10350 specifies that a Type 1 specimen is to be used.

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