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Chiao Fu Enterprises Co., Ltd. - 产品 - 定属记号
Founded in 1976, Chiao Fu Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of foam, and in 1983 branched out into the plastic industry in 2006, specializing in the production of nylon belted M Huatheyi company.After decades of hard work, has developed into an international conglomerate, it is in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Australia, with more than ten foam, plastics, wiring equipment and other production plants and employs more thanThree thousand or more, is the world's leading soft foam, plastic processing and distribution equipment manufacturers.
- Chiao Fu PA6 (17)
- Chiao Fu PA66 (16)
- Chiao Fu PP (10)
- Chiao Fu PA66/6 (9)
- Chiao Fu PBT (8)
- 尼龙6 (17)
- 尼龙66 (16)
- PP,未指定 (10)
- 尼龙66/6 (9)
- PBT (8)