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Jam Polypropylene Company - 产品 - 定属记号
Jam Polypropylene Co. (JPPC) was established in 2004 in Pars Free Energy Zone to contribute to the global petrochemical downstream markets. JPPC enjoys some significant logistic advantages including availability of low-cost feedstock, prominent production capacity, strategic location and proximity to port Assaluye that expedites the export operation and timely delivery of products. JPPC's most important asset is its specialty in POLYPROPYLENE. The very foundation of their success is the value that they create and dedicate to their customers through the high quality of the products and mainly the technical solutions they provide for their customers.
- Jampilen (24)
- PP均聚物 (15)
- 抗撞击PP均聚物 (5)
- PP 无规共聚物 (4)